What I mean when I talk POKEMON

David invites us on a Tuesday afternoon at the Civic Center Bar talking about a game that, even now that has already passed its boom, It gives a lot to talk. Go tells us that Pokemon is a game, but behind this there are many technical features that should reflect: But first, What is Pokemon Go? so we have incorporated the definition of da Wikipedia: "Pokémon GO is a virtual reality video game based on the location developed by Niantic, Inc. for devices iOS and Android. It is free game (free to play), It contains microtransactions, but downloading and enjoyment are completely free. The game is basically search, capture and fight […]

This month we have an appointment with the sector GAMING

We went into October and finally the video game world, leisure, the creativity, and innovation come together at our great Festival Fest Gaming Sagunto. You will enjoy knowing closely as are the intricacies of the world of leisure and learning that generates more profits worldwide in an event that will unite the most professional part with the more playful. Various professionals to join forces in Sagunto tell us how is dedicated to the development of video games, that way we must follow to get, career opportunities offered by the scene, know the backstage of eSports competitions or what is the reality of people who every day makes it possible to enjoy […]

We later found in a San Juan talking about Smart Spaces

We had left the 23 June at the Blowfish to talk about Smart Spaces. This time Elena Alcon, architect and writer Blog LOVHOM invited us to talk about Home Automation, Urbanization, Well-designed environments ... begins with a question shared Elena What do you mean by Smart Spaces? A space using technologies, a space that is given use? Francesc answers “The space where the information embedded knowledge becomes knowledge and knowledge becomes a catalyst for change.” Paco argues that we need to consider energy efficiency as a parameter in this type of concepts and legislation as a regulatory mechanism, but since […]

Videogame Industry on the table

We start by presenting all. We were more than 20. We have the presence of Francisco Bowling Entresistemas, Francisco Hernández, David Frias, Aitor Ruiz de Kentalia, Antonio González del Hospital de Sagunto, Daniel Segarra and Lollipop Luis Moyano Robot, Diego Gargallo and Adrian Sanz de Got Spot, Francisco Soriano Secot, Eduardo Manzano, Ximo Alcaide de Cima High Business Contact, Paul French of Ingenio-Kids, Isidro Ramon and Francisco Garcia Netwizzy, Tomas Gestoría Weight Weight, Miguel Angel Exposito of BlitWorks, Primitive Prisaric Safont, David Dominguez Head of the Informatics of the City of Sagunto and Laura Fidalgo Arranges. PEOPLE WHO WORK IN THE WORLD OF VIDEO GAME begins with Eloy Ribera […]

What we can tell you the Meetup How were helpless in internet, Online Reputation and International Data Transfer?

This time we met in the Pearl to Vinacoteca 19:00 hours. Our guests were arriving. We have the presence of Marina Medela, Jonathan Falcó, Facundo Couto de Bromafa, Bowling Francisco Entresistemas, Francisco Hernández, David Frias, Aitor Ruiz de Kentalia, Antonio González del Hospital de Sagunto, Laura Fidalgo Arranges, Victor Gallart of Vinoteca La Perla Negra and our hostess Ariana Sebastia of DeusTIC, Tertulia coordinator of this meeting. REPUTATION ON LINE started presenting. And Aitor Ruiz, in his presentation, He told us about the case of his client in which an entity spoke ill of him. Ariana would answer that so […]

This was our second MeetUp: Smart Cities, Myth vs. Reality

We returned to find fault with the hangover and at the gates of the Easter holiday on a Tuesday 22 March on the terrace of Nines, l'Epicentre top floor of the Mall. We risked a rainy evening but eventually the sky took pity on us and gave way to a more or less peaceful, thanks to the coverage of the terrace, a good stove and as, good beer we find ourselves in a comfortable and comfortable. This time we could count on the presence of Ruben Garcia of Colido, Oscar Marin and Ruben La Huerta de Easyzink, Paco Santonja Foundation Innova Together, […]

This was our MEETUP Digital Transformation

We are in a Thursday afternoon. Alvaro opened his Pub Harbour to 6 pm. We prepared for our first Meet Up Business & Beer. At 18:55 our guests began to arrive: Roberto Sanchez Coworking, Fernando Garcia de Neify, Ruben La Huerta de Easyzink, Ariana Sebastia industry specializing in technology law, Jose Miguel Miñarro Servi Taxi Sagunto, David Frias GIS specialist, Gemma Peiro Azimut, Raul Garcia and Miguel Angel Brown Strawberry Yogurt, Hector Gavilan Oleo-Hydraulic Lekh , Francisco Hernandez specialist of the Gaming Sector, , Ruben Garcia and Sergio Martinez of Colido and Berolina, Pako Gimenez and Jorge Aranzábal of […]

Why leadership is recognized or not?

The excellent mastery of information and communications technology, the setting up of a project that seeks to achieve effective and efficient market goals, the provision of a significant volume of resources and capabilities or have the support of a group of advisers to raise the degree of resolution of the decisions themselves do not guarantee recognition of leadership by the people who coordinate a task team. Being recognized as a leader is position requires a continuous transfer of cognitive and emotional resources, they reach stimulate appropriate responses in the behavior of those who have agreed […]

At gamificar we open the door to creativity and intelligent action

In a world of almost infinite possibilities, the old techniques are rapidly losing effectiveness. We look for new alternatives. Therefore we focus on Gamification. The group led by Maika Herrero has committed to incorporate gamification as a mechanism for managing change in Sagunto, "A land we want intelligent and creative". An ethical dimension space that will assess the five routes, previously selected, to end projecting a uniquely attractive target. What brings different shades? “Agility and speed in process management, singularly when the purpose is that innovation, as a result of creative action, reformulate the identity of a territory, as is the case.” We have […]

Cristina Plumed testifies to its commitment to intelligent and creative Sagunto

Plumed Cristina is a big surprise, it was the day I decided to accept the presidency of the Association of Camp de Morvedre, ASEC. It is in each of its manifestations, singularly accurate. A great smile, an uneasy glance, a willingness to commit to things that appear not to be important, but they are. Hablan de ti, your commitment as a woman with life, of those things that you feel joyful, of the inalienable values. "To be honest with myself, fight for my convictions, I like it. Hear and be heard. I am passionate about communication, I believe in constant learning. Friend of my friends, generous, optimistic, extrovert, […]


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