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Terms of Service.

1. Notice and acceptance.

This document regulates the use of Internet Website(blog) that you just accessed.
The use of the Website attributes the condition of user and implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions contained both in this Legal Notice, as in the general or specific conditions of Use, force each time the user accesses it, so if it does not agree with any of the conditions set forth herein, You shall not use / access this Website.
"The administrator" reserves the right to modify at any time these Terms and Conditions of Use of the website and any other General or Particular Conditions, Use regulations, Instructions or warnings that may apply. Likewise, "The administrator" reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or cease operating the website at any time. Consequently, the user must read carefully and thoroughly this document in full, in all those occasions that the use or use of this website proposes, since it can be modified.
All natural or legal persons resident or domiciled in other countries of the European Union or outside the European Union must ensure that access to and use of the website and / or its contents are permitted in accordance with its own legislation. In any case, access to and use of the website by a user who does not meet the requirement of residence in Spain means under his sole responsibility, exonerating "the administrator" of any responsibility to the extent as permitted by applicable law.

2. Object.

Through the Website, "Administrator" provides users access to different content, services, information and data (the content") made available to the users for "Administrator" or by third party service providers and content. "The administrator" reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation, Website configuration and location, as well as the contents and the conditions required to use them. In general the provision of the Services does not require prior subscription or registration of Users.

3. Conditions of access and use of the portal.

3.1. Access and use of the Portal. You acknowledge and agree that access to and use of the website and / or the Content included therein it takes place freely and consciously, under his own responsibility. Access to the website and / or the Contents included in it does not imply any guarantee regarding the suitability of the Website and / or the Content included therein for specific private purposes or users. "Administrator" may establish limitations and / or conditions for use and / or access to the Website and / or the Content, which they must be observed by users in any case.
1. Make an unauthorized or fraudulent use of the website and / or the Content for illegal purposes, prohibited in this Legal Notice, harm the rights and interests of others, or in any way damage, disable, overburden, impair or impede the normal use of the Services, computer equipment or documents, files and all sorts of content stored on any computer
2. Access or attempt to access restricted areas of the website, without fulfilling the conditions required for such access;
3. Cause damage to physical or logical systems "administrator", its suppliers or third parties;
4. Introducing or spreading computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are capable of causing damage to physical or logical systems "administrator", its suppliers or third parties,
5. trying to access, use and / or manipulate data "administrator", third party suppliers and other users;
6. Suppress, hide or manipulate the notes on intellectual or industrial property and other data identifying the rights of "administrator" or third parties incorporated into the Contents, as well as technical protection devices or any information mechanisms that may be inserted in the Contents;
7. Obtaining and attempting to obtain the content using means or procedures other than those, as appropriate, They have been made available for this purpose or have been expressly indicated on the web pages where the Contents or, in general, of those commonly used on the Internet for not involve a risk of damage or disable the Website and / or Content.
9. In particular, and merely indicative and not exhaustive, the User agrees not to transmit, distribute or make available to third parties information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound files and / or image, pictures, recordings, software and, in general, any kind of material:
(a) Either way contrary, disparages or undermines fundamental rights and public freedoms recognized constitutionally, in international treaties and other legislation;
(b) induce, incites or promotes criminal, denigratorias, slanderous, infamantes, violent or, in general, contrary to law, morality and generally accepted good customs or public order;
(c) induce, incites or promotes actions, attitudes or thoughts discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition;
(d) incorporate, make available or allow access to products, elements, messages and / or criminal, violent, offensive, noxious, degrading or, in general, contrary to law, morality and generally accepted good customs or public order;
(e) Induces or could induce an unacceptable state of anxiety or fear;
(f) Induces or incites involvement in dangerous practices, risky or harmful to health and mental balance;
3.3. Introduction of Links. Users who wish to establish a hyperlink, or link between your website and the website of "administrator" (the link") must obtain prior authorization "the administrator", submitting a request to the following e-mail saguntics@gmail.com, being subject to compliance with the following obligations:
1. The Link will only allow access to the Website, but you can not play in any way;
2. Links will not be established with pages other than the homepage (“homepage”) Portal;
3. a frame or a border environment on the Portal will be created;
4. No statements or false indications will be made, inaccurate or incorrect on the Website;
5. It will not declare or insinuate that "the administrator" has supervised or assumed in any way the contents or services offered or advertised on the website in which the Link is established;
6. The Website where the link is established must not contain any trademark, tradename, business sign, denomination, Logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to "administrator" and / or third parties, without authorization;
7. The Portal in which the link is established will not contain information or illegal, contrary to morals and generally accepted good customs and public order, or infringe the rights of third parties. The establishment of the link does not in any case the existence of any relationship between "administrator" and the owner and / or operator of the website in which it is established, or knowledge, acceptance and / or approval by "the administrator" of its contents and / or services. "Administrator" in no case be liable for any consequences arising from the introduction of Links by third parties, or content, information and / or services offered on websites where the link has been established.

4. Rights of intellectual property.

You acknowledge and agree that all rights of intellectual property on the Contents and / or any other elements on the website (including without limitation, brands, logos, tradenames, texts, images, graphics, designs, sounds, databases, software, flowcharts, presentation, “look-and-feel”, audio and video), They belong to "administrator" and / or third parties. In any case access to the Website imply any kind of waiver, transmission, license or total or partial transfer of such rights, unless otherwise expressly stated. The General Conditions of Use of the Website does not give Users any other right to use, disturbance, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the Website and / or its contents other than those expressly provided. Any other use or exploitation of any rights will be subject to the prior express authorization specifically granted for that purpose by "the administrator" or third owner of the affected rights.
"Administrator" authorizes Users to use, to view, to print, download and store Contents and / or elements on the Website exclusively for personal use, private and non-profit; provided that in any case the origin and / or their author noted and, if, copyright symbol and / or notes of industrial property of its owners. the use of such items is prohibited, reproduction, communication and / or distribution for commercial purposes or financial gain, and modification, disturbance, or decompilation. For any other use other than those expressly permitted, you must obtain the prior written consent of the owner of the rights in the case.

5. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility.

5.1 Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for the operation of the Portal. "Administrator" does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Website or those other websites with which it has established a link. Likewise, "Administrator" shall in no event be liable for any damages that may result from:
a. The lack of availability or accessibility to the Website or those other sites with which it has established a link;
b. The interruption in the operation of the Website or computer failures, telephone faults, disconnections, delays or blockages caused by deficiencies or overloads of telephone lines, in the Internet system or other electronic systems produced in the course of its operation;
c. The unsuitability of the Website for the specific needs of the Users and;
d. Other damage that may be caused by third parties through unauthorized interference beyond the control of "the administrator".
In order to reduce the risk of viruses on the Website, virus detection programs are used to control all the Content input on the Website. However, "Administrator" does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the Website introduced by third parties to "administrator" that may cause alterations in the physical or logical systems of the users or electronic documents and files stored in their systems. In consecuense, "Administrator" shall in no case be liable for any damages of any kind that may arise from the presence of viruses or other elements that may cause alterations in the physical or logical systems, electronic documents or files of Users.
"Administrator" adopts various protection measures to protect the Website and the Contents against attacks by third parties. However, "Administrator" does not guarantee that unauthorized parties can not gain access to the type of use of the Website that the User or conditions, characteristics and circumstances in which such use is made. In consecuense, "Administrator" shall in no way responsible for any damages that might result from such unauthorized access.
5.2 Exclusion of guarantees and liability for the use of portal services and content by users "administrator" shall not be liable for any use that Users and / or third parties of the Website or Content, nor for damages arising therefrom. "Administrator" has no obligation and does not control the use that Users of the Website and Services . In particular, "Administrator" does not guarantee that users use the Website, Services and Content in accordance with this Legal Notice and, if, with the special conditions that may apply, or do so in a diligent and prudent. "Administrator" has an obligation to check and verify the identity of users, nor the veracity, validity, completeness and / or authenticity of the data that users provide about themselves to "administrator" and other Users.
"Administrator" excludes any liability for damages of any kind that may result from the use of services and content by users or that may result from the lack of veracity, term completeness and / or authenticity of the information that users provide about themselves and particularly but not exclusively, for damages of any kind that may result from the impersonation of another by a user in any kind of communication through the portal .
5.3 Exclusion of guarantees and liability for the Content. "Administrator" does not edit the contents of third published on the Website and consequently, neither guarantees nor is responsible for the legality, reliability, utility, veracity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of such Content. "Administrator" shall in no way responsible for any damages that might result from:
1.The lack of legality, reliability, utility, veracity, accuracy, completeness, and / or timeliness of the content generated by third parties;
2.The unsuitability for any purpose and fulfillment of expectations generated by the Contents;
3. Decisions or actions taken or avoided by the User relying on the information or data provided or provided in the Contents, including without limitation loss of profits or business opportunities.
5.4 Exclusion of warranties and liability in connection with the Links. The Website makes available to Users technical link, directories and search tools that allow users to access pages and / or websites belonging to and / or managed by third parties. "Administrator" does not check the contents of those pages in the time it establishes a link to them and does so in the good faith belief that such contents comply with applicable law. However, in no case, "Administrator" is responsible, approves, or own the products, services, content, information, data, files and any kind of material on such websites and does not control and is not responsible, approve or own subsequent modifications of such materials.
"Administrator" does not guarantee or assume any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to:
(A) The performance, availability, accessibility or continuity of the linked sites;
(B) Maintaining information, content and services on the sites by any means linked mechanism are located;
(C) The provision or transmission of information, content and services on linked sites;
(D) The quality, application, reliability and usefulness of information content and services on linked sites, on the same terms and with the same scope as stipulated regarding the contents and services provided by third parties through the portal.
In the event that it deems appropriate or required by court or administrative order, "Administrator" will remove links to those websites that violate applicable law and / or adversely affects the rights of third parties.

The Service Provider or content agrees not:
1. Gather user data for advertising purposes and send advertising of any kind and communications for purposes of sale or other commercial without any prior request or consent;
2. Sending any other unsolicited messages or previously consented to a plurality of persons;
3. Send chains of unsolicited electronic messages or previously consented
4. Using distribution lists which can be accessed through the Services.
5. Make available to third parties, any purpose, data collected from distribution lists

6. Actions in case of default

"The administrator" reserves the right to take whatever actions are available in right to claim damages arising from a breach of any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website by a User.
"Administrator" may withdraw or suspend at any time and without notice the provision of the Services to those Users who violate the provisions of this Legal Notice and Conditions of Use.

7. Severability.

The declaration of any of these general conditions as null, invalid or ineffective shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder, they continue to be binding between the parties. The waiver by either party to demand at any given time to comply with any one of the conditions set forth here does not imply a general waiver to the fulfillment of another condition or conditions, or create an acquired right for the other party.

8. Law and Jurisdiction.

The service of the Website and these Terms of Use of the Website are governed by Spanish law and in particular by the Act 34/2002 from 11 July Services Society Information and Electronic Commerce, and other related provisions. Insofar as permitted by law, the parts, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Sagunto (Valencia).

9 Confidentiality and Data Protection.

Sagunto City Council. in his capacity as File Manager, hereby informs that the files with personal data recepcionados through any media shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data 15/1999 from 13 from December, and the Regulations on Security Measures for automated files I developed in RD 1720/2007 of the 21 from December, and other applicable legislation. Also it puts in your knowledge the right of access, rectification and deletion of data contained in Part III of the law "supra" indicated. To exercise such rights shall I refer to the File writing to the following address: Autonomy, 2, CP 46500, 46500, Sagunto, VALENCIA (Spain), that in a period of less than 10 days will resolve. We also inform you that your personal data, not be subject to any assignment or transfer without prior consent and according to Article 4. 2. of the Data Protection Act, the data collected will be used solely for the purpose for which they were collected that is managing the activities of the company, management and collection of invoices for the contracted work.