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sagunt-gamin-labDavid invites us on a Tuesday afternoon at the Civic Center Bar talking about a game that, even now that has already passed its boom, It gives a lot to talk. Go tells us that Pokemon is a game, but behind this there are many technical features that should reflect:

But first, What is Pokemon Go? so we have incorporated the definition of da Wikipedia:

"Pokémon GO is a virtual reality video game based on the location developed by Niantic, Inc. for devices iOS and Android. It is free game (free to play), It contains microtransactions, but downloading and enjoyment are completely free. The game is basically search, capture and fight with the characters in the saga Pokémon hiding in real-world locations and world, which means physically move through the streets of the city to progress. The application involves an element of social interaction, because it promotes physical meetings of users in different locations of their populations. "

from this definition David we ask the rest of tertulianos: What are the keys to success of Pokémon Go?

Carlos speaks of nostalgia for a consolidated brand as is the Pokémon, as main public player are found in people under 35 years.

Others think that there has been a before and after the technologies applied in games: geolocation, Augmented Reality…

and it has also succeeded in changing habits of the players taking them out to the street to walk to eggs game, a virtual well could eclosionar.

At that time it is when some of the participantesplantea it was not a fact so new, since these elements existed in other games previously created as Ingress, game also created by Niantic,ingress_logo_vector-svg

Ingress is science fiction game in which users must visit landmarks to acquire weapons and everything you need to earn points, conquer territories and fight against other sides.

We leave this video to know more:

Carlos added: “Ingress uses the same code in the creation of the game in Pokemon Go. Google itself has invested resources to the users themselves create tourist routes through missions. It is military strategy. The maps were real. Without this game Pokemon Go could not have done. It has collected data. Both programmers and users.”



There was even a possibility of creating Pokémon Stops, creating portals through Ingress. Not now.

Another success factor, David Frias remarks, It is generated by the interaction with other users on the street. It has generated spaces conversation between parents and children. They gave the example of autistic children had begun to communicate with other children thanks to this application: See here Article.

How could take advantage of some local businesses this game?



Stops Pokemon and Gyms can serve businesses attract customers. Mcdonalds are sponsoring and incorporating Pokemon Gyms and stops in all centers for players to visit their restaurants. See here Article.

If a business has a stop near Pokemon, Why not buy incense? virtual good that serves to attract Pokemons near that space. This can serve as shops and restaurants tractor element of players who need to be at their facilities to play.

¿Go Pokémon is a game Augmented Reality? What is the heart of the game? Ask David Frias

It is a geolocation game rather than augmented reality, but more striking in terms marketinianos the concept of Augmented Reality.- They think several of our assistants. Augmented reality is a technology of the year 90 or before. Has resurfaced again now.

We leave you this video that talks about the applications that have been made in Augmented Reality before Pokémon Go

We must recognize that this game has to solve some handicaps such as battery drain and data. adds Aitor.

David Dominguez tells us that that will change in the future. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2016 It has been awarded to David J. Thouless, , F. Duncan Haldane M. and J. Michael Kosterlitz, for his studies on the matter in the quantum world. The battery material change and the problems we have now be resolved.

How Pokémon Go monetized? Facundo question

David Frias clarifies that revenue Pokémon Go, freemium model are free -app, but with integrated shopping- so they come mostly from buying virtual goods and sponsorships

Why do you think that Google is interested in such games?

According to David Frias Google with this game looking over the data generated from the players that the economic return of the application itself. Thanks to these data Google could correct their maps, you can create routes, they can be sold to other companies and improve their own products ...

Aitor speaks for example as in Google Places can know the degree of occupation of a patisserie, user time on that pastry, how to get to your every knowing the existing traffic on each route.


Those data according to David Dominguez give you a series of information that local businesses could eventually use the for that pastry could raise prices, get more confectionery, know when more people need to serve customers.

David Frias notes that some companies have begun creating data, at first it may happen that at first look that makes no sense, but in the future it can help solve a problem crossing it with other data. With this company sells a type of data and leaves them profitable. Many large companies have bought start ups because they have interested the data generated. Maybe even they have crossed the open data

What is happening right now with Pokémon Go?

The game since the beginning has been a success, I can not discuss that nobody. But now we see a decline in activity. To resolve this issue the game must have their own strategies to reactivate: is taking legendary Pokemons, multiplayer option ...


According to Carlos that happens in all games least games Esports. E-sports video games do not evolve but have great gameplay. It is always the same content. But it may be years that games are still active and the same or popularity.

Laura adds that if Pokémon Go right now is lowering its level of users is because something is wrong with the game design, but that would not necessarily go. And less in such a short time.

Do you think video games in the future will be mobile?

David Frias says it depends on the type of game and experience we want to generate. The mobile device, your strength for the game developer is collecting data while players play. It is a way to monetize, as we have seen with the example of Google. There are companies that sell such data and is completely legal, We play us before we accept a series of conditions.

David Dominguez believes the future is to work using games for learning, behavior change society ...

And we see the trend that people are gradually have less control processes, giving weight to technology.

What would your ideal future game?

Here we list some of the proposals made augmented reality:

  • Removing devices now interact with, mobile example, controls ... substituting your own voice, the look, hand movements, head ... This is already being done with sensors on clothing. But nobody has brought to market a good business model.
  • The user experience buying products in a trade, for example gamificando.
  • Simulations of operations in medicine as learning methodology.
  • The evolution and incorporation into your real world a virtual world.
  • That game depending on your actions day-to-day game suits you, your tastes, your actions, The participant interacts with the game depending on what you are doing.
  • A game that will value you as you behave in life and that it will propose actions to continually improve your life.
  • The evolution of Google Glass in its multiple applications

Many of the applications raised and can be carried out and indeed there are entities that want to launch but have not been brought to market. Since for this we must be clear about the business model and reasonable prices that your target audience can buy. An example of this is in the augmented reality glasses of Google. His problem was not the product or its application but according to some commentators were the price and purchase restrictions.


Will this kind of life we ​​imagine?


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