This month we have an appointment with the sector GAMING

We went into October and finally the video game world, leisure, the creativity, and innovation come together at our great Festival Fest Gaming Sagunto. You will enjoy knowing closely as are the intricacies of the world of leisure and learning that generates more profits worldwide in an event that will unite the most professional part with the more playful.

Various professionals to join forces in Sagunto tell us how is dedicated to the development of video games, that way we must follow to get, career opportunities offered by the scene, know the backstage of eSports competitions or what is the reality of people who every day makes it possible to enjoy a world of competition and constantly changing art.

What have we got for Friday and Saturday 14 Y 15 October?

Roundtables - Exhibitions- Projections -Stands You show of the latest video games and the most popular -Tournaments Esports

We leave the program here with all the information


previous meeting

Before the big festival we prepare the big event with two games that will help us coordinate, reflect, create community, and also to play ...

MEETUP B&B about WHAT we mean by POKEMON


David Frias proposes that the game's talk fashion: Poquemon Go, What do we mean when we talk about Pokemon? geolocation, virtual reality, new changes in habits of the players, new opportunities for tourism, trade, el leisure.

Moreover we take the opportunity to meet before our Great Video Game Festival Fest Sagunt we celebrate next week. The meeting will take place in the Café Civic Center, within Old Sanitarium gardens in Puerto de Sagunto Tuesday 4 October 19:00-20:30.

Los Business & Beer we are meetings every month where an entrepreneur proposes a theme that has to do with innovation #, #technology creativity #. Coordinates of talk and invites 3 a 5 people to introduce the subject introduced at the meeting. From there we keep a conversation through short interventions to help us exchange, to learn, and generate ideas. All this in a relaxed atmosphere such as a pub or bar. Then we generate a post on the platform SagunTICs with people and most interesting elements of the meeting.

You know that in the Gaming Festival Sagunt Fest will be a Hearthstone Tournament: Heroes of Warcraft. 2v2 competition with the presence of official teams of Valencia CF eSports, Oh My Game! Bar, R2K eSport ...
The last place in the tournament will be held in Oh My Game! Bar on Sunday 9 October at 18:00 hours. For those who do not know where it is, It is in the C / Campoamor 58, Valencia
You want to play against the best teams in Spain? Sign up now!.It sends an email to

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