We later found in a San Juan talking about Smart Spaces

cartelWe had left the 23 June at the Blowfish to talk about Smart Spaces. This time Elena Alcon, architect and writer Blog LovHam He invited us to talk about Home Automation, Urbanization, Well-designed environments ...

Shared conversation begins with a question of Elena What do you mean by Smart Spaces? A space using technologies, a space that is given use?

Francesc answers “The space where the information embedded knowledge becomes knowledge and knowledge becomes a catalyst for change.”

Paco argues that we need to consider energy efficiency as a parameter in this type of concepts and legislation as a regulatory mechanism, but from their experience it notes that this legislation is unclear Does the legislation regulates this type of space? Do architects have a lobby that communicate with management to generate regulatory criteria?

Oscar says that often the legislation exists but is not enforced. He cited the example of Energy Efficiency Certificates, "For years every house, living place, building ... that could be sold must have a certificate of energy efficiency and cataloging. When this legislation came into force, which was announced during many years ago, nobody knew it existed. There was no campaign, nobody knew the purpose of the requirements demanded, and there is still a lack of knowledge of what it is that certificate. The legislation is not accompanied by an educational information to understand that what is the meaning of a requirement or other. That generates confusion. For example legislation habitability, the rooms must have a certain meters and requirements. Many customers do not understand these requirements. We may think that the legislation he wants to solve problems, We not deny that, but this should be communicated with educational work that explains why a requirement is good and they can benefit fulfill what

Why not create a lobby that bring to light the problems such? question Paco

Oscar answers, in the case of energy efficiency this lobby is made, are energy companies that have created.

“It could be the Lobby precisely the College of Architects” Paco says .

Elena points out that on Energy Efficiency, there is a problem in old buildings because the government urges certify all buildings and many of them are not prepared. We talked about bioclimatic architecture, They are intended buildings and considering the environment,

¿A building that has no technology can be smart?

It can be smart to use the resources around them to run.

Paco thinks that 5 years view all buildings constructed intelligently.

Laura answers “In recent years he had seen buildings where neither the distribution, acoustic or, and ventilation were taken into account Inteligentes You could call these spaces?”

Francesc highlights the need for people to know use those spaces we call intelligent. It gave the example of the semaphore. “It is assumed that the function of this device is the safety of our health. And many people when it can jump, even doctors who are health managers? And valence is filled with traffic lights, they are needed?”

Oscar continues commenting on smart devices, some do not consider that people are smart enough to for example if a person is hot open the window or put the air conditioning. “Somehow eliminate the autonomy and freedom.” That is replacing the intelligence of people to include automated devices.

Paco thinks we're going to rely so heavily on machines that do not know how much we will have freedom of action.

coterie table

Are we afraid change?

Luis thinks that there will come a time when machines will think like humans. “Certainly they succeed.”

Paco commented that Google has created a robot that it is repaired when it breaks down when you make a mistake and processes it to not re-commit.oscar

Although Oscar believes that if repaired free, Google does not put on the market.

Francesc commented that there will always be a planned obsolescence or some knickknack that generates any business opportunity, It is designed for it, but will not be created. There must be an economic resource spending to reach out to the market. The world is governed by a speculative economy.

Oscar punctuated “Sometimes technological advances generated in some elements or fields that fails to solve problems or do not give a clear added value”

Oscar says no need technology to make intelligent space for example to protect from the sun can build overhangs. “A number of solutions that not all have to go through technology. Because that is where there may be obsolescence, that any device being damaged or has to perform continuous maintenance”

Elena says in smart spaces not only technology but must incorporate criteria and elements that add value to space.

Paco ends commenting: "We have forgotten that the economy has to take into account people"

What you see intelligent spaces in Sagunto?

Elena gives the example of the Roman Theatre of Sagunto in its construction were considered optimize the acoustics working with forms. Luis says the Wall also because it has stood the elapsed time.

Paco says "Perhaps because at the time of the Romans it was not taken into account the speculative economy and planned obsolescence ".

equipmentOscar talk that the big chains are intelligent marketing, because they take into account the most, minimum cost. They take into account such important elements as is accessibility, air conditioning, where users have to go through the mall ...

Another great intelligent building is the former prison of the Department of Valencia tells us Paco

What happens to the Development Plan, is smart? Paco says he is from Valencia and that each time you enter Sagunto is lost.

Oscar reminded us that the Puerto Sagunto when created were streets and crossings, all parallel and perpendicular. The latest developments have been taking models of cities with houses and California, curved streets, it loses all that uniformity and practicality of the city. “I could not tell if that's really smart.”

Roberto question When these projects are made, architects do not think?

answer Oscar– "And, the layout has to do an architect or technical competent and signs the City. What happens is that nobody involved is not there. Only the Planning Department with the corresponding council is involved and that's. There is good communication throughout the value chain. “

What can we speak of Municipal Markets?

Municipal Markets have begun to taken into account the municipalities of 10 years now, They were once more a problem than a solution. Now they are trying to energize, but they do not end up starting in Sagunto and Puerto Sagunto

What do you think happens? Mila Velis explains that he has seen the evolution of the market Ruzafa, it seems surprising how active he is now seen as the market of Puerto Sagunto, how every time there is a new closed trade and saddens. You know that this is so for mismanagement. “The acquisition of a local market is torturous, between the auction, ... And the concession should be adapted to market demand.”thousand

Elena says that issues parking convenience, schedules, realization of complete purchase, many people do not see practical to go to the Market.

Benicarló Market sells in the evenings because it sells fish because it immediately brings the Market. It is one of the engines of space. The fish just arrived is very demanded, by making it fills the evenings of buyers and that can be used by other market stalls. They must work together. You should plan these tractors engines and strategies that citizens really see added value to space. Explains Laura Fidalgo. At the end markets are urban meeting points that give life to the city.

Luis tells of a very interesting mobile application called parked you can manage car parking from your own home.

What cities think they are smart?

For example in the field of transport, there are good practices in many European cities Amsterdam, Bruges ...

According to the ranking last year Intelligent cities have Vienna, Toronto, Paris, New York and Stockholm as the five smartest cities in the world. Barcelona is the first in Spain and in tenth place in the overall Ranking

What can we do to generate smart cities?

Luis commented that what we are promoting alternatives to the car in urban areas, as is the bicycle, public transport ... Share the car ...

Oscar talk that the latest trend is to gather information and generate knowledge. “You need a system in which interesting ideas reach the administration and can be carried out. Because the movements asamblearios there are good ideas, very very good ideas and bad ideas. There should be a system or filter that could channel the good ideas.”


Who gives those good ideas? question Paco

Oscar continued talking and said that in South America had mobile devices in which citizens proposes good ideas and there is a system that classifies, select and then there is the decision making body that decides which takes place. To perform queries should be a pedagogical training for citizens to be able to comment. Because there are even ideas that can not be carried out by law. It is important that information on good ideas can be published and knows the people and their contribution worth for something.

What parameters are taken into account to evaluate smart cities?

Elena tells us that among others the following indicators:

  • Government support in the management of spaces, infrastructure…
  • The technology. For example Tokyo is leading it.
  • The participation of citizens

Sagunto has the best conditions to be an intelligent and creative territory, but is not. says Francesc

Why it is not? What do we need?

Each makes its proposal tertulianosroberto

  • Work Education and Pedagogy.
  • That through a management mechanism can filter great ideas to carry them out.
  • Sagunto to resume his vocation Intelligent and Creative, because it must be, and can and not close in itself but is open to its environment.
  • Seeking leaderships shared projects. It seems that all projects have to go through the City.
  • Try to exploit the resources that have the same city,
  • Involvement by the administration and citizens,
  • Sagunto not profit that more than 50000 inhabitants and can access resources at national and European level.
  • Stability in the Framework of Action and Policy to give continuity in the projects in the long term, beyond ideologies.
  • shared leaderships.
  • Cultural change of openness and cooperation emulating other cities.
  • Leave aside political ideologies and get to work with parameters of practicality by the City of Sagunto.
  • There is a platform for coordination of all projects carried out to optimize resources and capabilities.
  • Practice common sense things and continuity in the projects.

Luis ends up making the whole community of SagunTICs to participate in cultural activities that are organized for this summer in the Blowfish. If you want more information available on its Facebook page.logo_1

And so ends our get-together on an accelerated basis , as it was the magical night of San Juan willing to get our feet wet and make our wishes for the future, intelligent and creative.

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